Who Am I?


Hi, welcome to my blog.
In a nutshell this is simply a blog to offer hope, healing, encouragement, prayers and support to anyone who is going through difficult times. Have you lost someone close to you? Are you weeping about your marriage? Your home? Are you struggling to cope and you feel like the world hates you? Are you in a deep pit and you can’t understand what or how to come out of it? Are you longing for a child, a spouse, a home, a family? Are you battling with illness, with sin and bad habits?

Whatever your needs are, you have come to the right place, to the feet of Jesus. Let Him help you, just try Him and see. Jesus is able to help you. I am just a medium. I offer counselling and prayers to as many as would open up and let me pray for them.

My email is therapythroughjesus@gmail.com. In future I hope to start a telephone helpline as well in due course. All your emails are confidential and safe with me. The only person I will gossip about it to is Jesus Christ, our Healer, our Restorer, our Comforter and Helper. So be at rest and let your mind be at ease. Release the burden off your chest and let Him feel you with peace.

Your religion or faith does not matter, Jesus is friends to all.

God bless you greatly and may the peace of God that passes understanding rule your hearts, Amen.